Moan in my mouth while I finger you.
Fuck this

Ok so fuck you, fuck this, I hate that I love you way more than you like me, I hate that I put much more effort into this than you, I hate that our sad excuse for texting doesn’t fucking kill you like it kills me, I hate that I can’t hug you and hold you and cry with you and laugh with you and see you fucking smile. I hate that I can’t be there to ask you for homecoming in a stupid dorky way, I hate that I can’t jump to your house and just chill like normal people. I hate that I feel you slipping through my fingers, I hate that all I can do is watch and get more and more numb, I’m falling as you slip, i fall and I stand and I’m numb and I’m hollow and I’m floating above this husk that was once us. I hate what I’ve become I hate how much I need you I hate how I feel clingy and I hate how much I desire and need your atention. I hate this, I try to hate you I just can’t, I don’t hate me, I just hate this.

"how old are you?" - Anonymous

I’m pretty old, but also pretty young. I mean what is age but a construct of humanity in a vain attempt to define us and put us as a race in a box with number labels which indicate your level of maturity and what you’re ready for, what an antique and archaic system of governance.

"what do you look like" - Anonymous

like a stud actually hahahaha, think young Marlon Brando and George Clooney, then add that to my profile picture.

Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.

Jean Jacques Rousseau (via itsquoted)